In order to better serve the needs of our clients, extend our functional expertise, and design and offer tailored solutions for customer requirements across industries, Palatine Group has formed strategic alliances with great companies. In so doing, we redefine the value that we deliver to our clients. A sample of some of our alliances:

Palatine Group and QED's strategic alliance is formed to provide a broad global experience in the areas of global diversity, leadership, values, culture and change, and in the alignment of strategy, people and processes. This global relationship provides cross-cultural effectiveness and global diversity effectiveness training and consulting to build adaptability skills and an inclusiveness mindset in a global workforce and marketplace. QED Consulting has pioneered innovative instructional products such as the Global Diversity Game, the Global Diversity Survey, The Change Cycle Game and Lost in Cyberspace.

Valense and Palatine Group have built a strong worldwide strategic relationship. Valense adds a strong multi-disciplinary network of professionals to our capabilities. Our companies are establishing a growing presence in the worldwide marketplace in the area of project management, and they help us deliver better value to our mutual clients. This alliance provides project management services to the European, Middle Eastern and Australian markets.

Reach and Palatine Group have built a strong strategic relationship in the areas of personal leadership branding and international coaching. Working with Reach, we have established another strong presence in the European marketplace with Reach's unique capabilities of providing a consultancy that is focused on the human side of branding. Reach's technology, communications, entertainment and advertising clients include innovative companies that recognize that employees are valuable brand assets.

With offices in Toronto and San Francisco and clients world-wide, Experience Point brings unique, highly customized online simulations to our strategic partnership. Experience Point's simulation engines are designed to allow rapid development of content and customized case-based simulations. Palatine Group is partnering with Experience Point to develop short, one and two day online simulations of our proprietary content, as well as offering Experience Point's sales and change management simulations to our clients.

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