Palatine Group/Management Worlds, located in New York City's technology corridor, is a leading global learning solutions provider and professional services firm that helps companies build global business competencies and performance by delivering training simulations in the areas of project leadership (adaptive and agile), project management, portfolio management, and strategic business management. Immersive learning simulations provide deep and meaningful practice for complex decisions. Next to mentored live practice, they are the most powerful way to equip learners when real change is needed.

Developed from 30 years of applied research and continuous user input and innovation, the Project Leadership Experience (tm) simulation team exercise is anchored by a complex computer simulation exploring a project launch - employing multiple decision tree scenarios that activate dynamic variations and realistic outcomes.

Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities to a diverse group of learners across all industries and business functions, Palatine Group collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses, agencies, and governments to perform at the highest levels. In this way, we help them create sustainable value for their customers and improve individual and team performance of their workforce, focusing on execution excellence. Palatine Group also assists global organizations in their human capital strategies to build capabilities and improve performance by delivering strategic and technical programs that develop management, technical, and leadership skills.

Palatine Group/Management Worlds was an early designer of computer simulations for Chase Manhattan Bank in over 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America and among the first companies to recognize the value of simulation experiences and serious business games in developing real-world capabilities among business professionals. Among the strengths that distinguish Palatine Group in the marketplace is extensive experience in delivering change management programs around the globe. Our teams are exceptional facilitators of change processes and interventions and have deep insights and experience in designing and implementing soft systems (e.g., motivating users, process facilitation, managing expectations and concerns, coaching and mentoring and building in risk assessments and accounting for any instability). We are also highly adept in launching marketing/branding/ advertising/communications and motivational campaigns and social networking programs. We have deep development agency, non-profit and government experience as well; extensive and scalable service offerings; a history of award-winning innovative solutions; a commitment to equality in development; and our proven and experienced management and creative team.

For over three decades, Palatine Group's principals have designed, developed and delivered learning and knowledge management programs that are flexible, scalable and customized to meet clients' unique needs, and based on project requirements. Our full time staff of senior practitioners and creative and technology experts is composed of multi-disciplinary teams. Palatine Group aligns, as well, with world class teaming partners: consultants, coaches, leading industry experts, university partners at the graduate faculty level, and thought leaders. Our staff come from widely varying backgrounds, including development, computer science, biology, economics, environmental science, political science, and linguistics.

We are the recipient of numerous awards, including a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation grant for media on sustainability; ID Magazine's International Silver award for interactive design; NASA's outstanding project management training award; Outstanding Website Consumer Goods Category Web Awards; Pointroll Award for outstanding metrics and outstanding creative design; and the Horizon Interactive Award Winner for best of category sales/ecommerce.

Palatine Group/Management Worlds has extensive relationships with the world's leading companies, the U.S. Government, international development agencies, and non-profits of all sizes. All of our services focus on the unique needs and circumstances of our clients, informed by a global sensitivity to issues of culture, politics and geography. We have found that we can apply the same business skills to both our private and public sector clients, whether it is helping to build human capital of corporate clients like Nokia, General Electric and Merck, and government clients like NASA, Department of Energy and U.S. Navy, or helping community-based groups in the developing world manage projects that help people lead healthier lives (ACHAP), or helping the United National Development Programme to truly know what it knows. What differentiates the Palatine Group:

Our clients come to us and engage our firm when they need:
. Global Capacity: They have a project or operational need, whether for strategic thinking or just sheer human power (our expert teams).
. Speed: They are on a tight deadline and need to get something done in a hurry.
. Expertise: They need external expertise that is in line with our core competencies.
. Innovation: They require innovation and our ability to challenge traditional thinking and drive creative solutions in complex engagements.

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