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Lawrence Suda - CEO

As Chief Executive Officer and managing partner, Lawrence Suda sets the firm's overall strategic direction and leads initiatives to strengthen Palatine Group/Management Worlds' leadership in delivering world-class learning solutions and business consulting to our clients. Guiding a multidisciplinary team of business and technology professionals, Larry has built a cadre of talented strategists, project managers, instructional designers and trainers, graphic designers and developers, researchers, content specialists and producers, as well as managing a core team of highly skilled consultants. Collectively, Palatine Group leverages world-class talent, expertise, experience and technology to improve business performance.

Larry is a senior practitioner and has been professionally involved in the project management industry for over 30 years. As a managing partner, Larry has led relationships with NASA, the U.S. Navy, the Departments of Commerce, Treasury, HHS Agriculture, and other government engagements; and in the private sector with such companies as General Electric, ALCOA, MCI, Bell Atlantic, Lockheed/Martin, EDS, Perot Systems, PPG and USX. At Palatine Group, Larry has designed and delivered world-class project leadership workshops, Emerging Best Practices studies, and forums linking public and private sector project managers for the purpose of sharing knowledge. Previously, Larry was a senior consultant in the private and public sector. In addition to his long list of published papers, articles and presentations, Larry has taught at the Universities Iowa, Maryland and Pittsburgh. He has been a long time presenter and keynote speaker at various events in North America, Europe and Asia. He holds an MBA in Finance and Management from Wayne State University, a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University, and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Michigan.

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