Anytime, On-Demand Learning

Palatine's e-learning solutions align your business and learning objectives towards a competitive advantage. Whether its structured content or discovery-based exploration, anytime data delivery or immersive simulation training - our technology-based learning programs are flexible, scalable, and customized to answer your unique needs. And if those needs are on the go, our mobile solutions take the power of e-learning even further.

E-learning enables organizations to respond quickly to change and new requirements. Your people learn when they want, where they want and at their own pace. Palatine Group is one of a very few customized e-learning solution providers able to offer end-to-end services for the analysis, design, development, and implementation of highly effective learning content to enhance performance support, improve productivity and deliver measurable results. Our e-learning services provide:


We start with an analysis of the knowledge gaps within your organization, which can then be addressed by the training solution offered. The training solution focuses on target audiences in different work areas and at different competency levels. At Palatine, we believe that user experience is critical to designing an effective e-learning solution, and that beyond the actual course material, user experience facilitates knowledge retention. To that end, we develop user profiles and scenarios, based on the needs of the target user. As part of our learning strategy, Palatine helps clients analyze project goals, target users and their learning objectives, and determine the learning environment and its IT requirements.

Customized Content

Our content supports the diverse needs of diverse audiences, so we begin by developing content based on known user types. Graphics and rich media are important since they create a more thorough user experience and make for an engaging e-learning tool, but they should not get in the way or circumvent the goal of learning. Palatine is widely known for its scenario-driven courseware that meets the unique and diverse learning needs of organizations across the globe. Content can be quickly created for a variety of e-learning delivery modes. Our courseware is SCORM-compliant and meets all industry standards.

Content Integration

Palatine uses its proprietary, customized authoring tools to support a client organization's learning processes, and can provide hosting and learner administration. Part of our total solution includes providing content management solutions to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Our CMS solutions enable our clients to automatically send content, reduce learning cycles and improve quality control by allowing them to author, capture, assemble, publish, deliver, track and store all forms of content (text, images, audio, video). For example, when Nokia's Training Academy wanted to develop an online game system targeting their young 23-28 year old sales reps, Palatine Group designed a web based CMS to manage the game system. Palatine created a flexible, robust Quiz Game Engine that supported multiple games and multiple users (as many as 1,000) and that provided engaging, unique game experiences while meeting the educational and marketing goals of the project.

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