Principles and Practices Workshop

Call it PM boot camp. Palatine's highly rated Principle and Practices workshop enables participants to learn a comprehensive project planning and control process that provides applicable techniques for successfully completing projects within time and budget constraints. When this process is successful, organizations create value for their customers, which leads directly to improved bottom-line performance, greater customer satisfaction, and higher morale among project team members. Palatine's strength is providing a total solution comprised of assessment, people, process, and training that is designed to meet business needs and tailored to create a culture that solves your unique project management challenges.

This workshop provides practical application throughout each learning step. Using our 7-step project management process, this course presents clearly defined, understandable processes with guidelines, examples, and worksheets that can be applied immediately.. Palatine's facilitators build and reinforce fundamental management skills via a combination of rapid team learning techniques, including lectures, case studies, discussions, individual exercises and team exercises. Participants come through living and breathing the ten-step project management process, which begins with defining the project and culminates in a post-project review. They learn how to generate tasks, determine roles and responsibilities, and create reliable, bottom-up estimates based on analyses of tasks, resources, risks, budgets and scheduling.


Managing Requirements throughout the Technical Project Lifecycle

This popular workshop, offered through our strategic partner ProjTech, teaches participants to manage requirements throughout the technical project lifecycle - from initial identification through verification and final delivery -- and is essential to any project's success. Poor requirements management is the number one reason for project failure. Requirements drive the technical system solution. This in turn drives cost, schedule, and overall system performance. From the elicitation and documentation of initial user requirements to the decomposition of user requirements to system requirements to the conversion of system requirements into a design concept (system architecture) through design and integration, requirements management is a critical skill for any technical project manager.


Writing Winning Proposals Workshop

Writing winning proposals is an essential skill in today's competitive environment. While a proposal alone cannot win the business for you, a poorly written proposal will certainly lose it for you. This workshop provides participants with hands on experience in implementing best practices to make the proposal writing process successful each and every time. Structured as a two-day intensive course, this workshop provides an end-to-end overview of the proposal creation process, using a threaded exercise to create a simulated proposal development environment in which participants will deliver a compliant and compelling proposal. Participants will gain new skills and techniques you need to successfully create winning proposals each and every time.


Managing Technical IT Projects: Delivering the Right Technical Solution on time and within budget Workshop

Managing technical projects is all about delivering the right technical solution to satisfy a customer's needs -- and managing the evolution of those requirements to a final product or solution. It's about: balancing competing requirements to ensure a "best-fit" approach is selected; selecting the right technical approach, in the context of budget, schedule, and business needs; and managing the customer interface including customer expectations as well as technical interfaces. It's about managing complexity. While traditional project management methodologies that focus on cost and budget are sufficient for managing non-technical projects --they fall short for technical projects. Effectively managing technical projects requires new techniques and methods designed specifically for achieving technical success within the confines of business, budget, and schedule objectives.


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