Catch-22: Business requires risk, but cannot tolerate failure.

Catch-22: Business requires risk, but cannot tolerate failure. Simulations are often the only way to provide your managers the vital experience they need, in an environment that won't cost lives, money, or just next year's contract. Real decisions -- lessons that stick -- require the emotional, physical, and intellectual investment that an incisive simulation delivers. Palatine has been developing high performance business simulations for business since the 1970s. Our customized, highly interactive computer-based simulations compress months of hands-on experience into less than 20 hours, ensuring the skills your team needs to succeed.

Here's what the industry is saying:
Palatine's Project Leadership Simulation Workshop (15 years with NASA)

"Palatine Group is one of a very short list of truly valued consulting/training companies whom I have come to rely on heavily. Usually, companies will hire a consulting firm to tell them what they need to do to change, to grow, to compete. But I think many companies already have the answers - they just don't know it because they're buried. That's why Palatine Group has such tremendous value. They don't pretend to think for you, or tell you how to build your business. But they will help you decide what kind of training your people need, so that you can build and strategize for yourselves. When it comes to experience, quality and professionalism - and leadership training -- Palatine Group outperforms the best."

-- Dr. Edward Hoffman, Director, Program and Project Management (APPL) NASA

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