About Computer-Based Simulations

Organizations are retooling to more effectively deploy learning technologies that tackle real business problems.

Our workshops with computer-based simulations are part of a Comprehensive Learning Systems Approach. The reinforcement provided by our approach is a dynamic four-stage development model:

Model their world - Learn-by-doing - Follow-through and Reinforcement - Measure Results

Stage 1: Interviews with key stakeholders: custom design and development After all-inclusive interviews with the senior leadership team and other key stakeholders, Palatine consultants customize a solution to meet your organization's precise requirements and learning objectives.

Stage 2: Intensive computer-based, simulation-based workshops
During an exhilarating and highly charged workshop, participants develop a clear understanding of the impact their business decisions have on driving efficiency, effectiveness, growth and profitability throughout the enterprise. Participants learn in numerous ways:
Learn by listening in Knowledge Sessions
Intensive knowledge and skill building 'chalk talk' practical lectures are designed to effectively introduce core concepts using real work examples, best practices, tools and techniques.
Learn by doing in Simulations
Practice on a customized business simulation. Solve tough problems. Make rapid-fire critical decisions. Identify and understand key performance levers, as well as build effective, high-performance teams.
Learn by Feedback
Real-time simulation feedback and results motivate participants to share insights, promote best practices and encourage better teamwork and effective decision-making.
Learn by Application
Workshop participations draw on their work experiences; at the conclusion participants develop a personal action plan that makes implementation of their newly acquired skills actionable.
Stage 3: Follow-through
A structured follow-through and coaching involvement is available, with on-going and follow-up support to all participants to help refine key learning points, fine-tune and implement their action plans, and acquire additional knowledge and skills.

Stage 4: Results
Tracking your ROI in terms effectiveness improvements and changes in behavior changes are available. The objective is to measure the significant return on your valuable investments.

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