Project Leader 360. Program Leader 360. TeamMates 360 Project. Dimensions of the Project Leader.

A 360° Assessment can provide valuable feedback results to help keep an organization on track for achieving high performance.  Our research identified 28 critical project leader competencies that reliably distinguish a superior performer, such as critical thinking, decision-making, interpersonal skills and teamwork, leadership, organization and time management, and communication. Used by NASA and many other agencies and institutions.

Success in today’s organizations requires a new breed of innovative technical leaders. For over 20 years, Palatine Group, Inc. has worked with and conducted extensive research on world-class organizations to help identify the characteristics which distinguish outstanding technical leaders from average performers. The Project Leader 360 Assessment presented here is the outcome of these intensive interviews, forums, and surveys designed to collect input and recommendations from a broad sampling of successful project leaders. In an early sampling of top performing technical leaders in a world-renowned organization, we interviewed 90 candidates and surveyed another 700. Many leading companies and government agencies contributed valuable time and critical thinking as well to our research studies, and the results confirm the critical competencies needed to develop superior project leaders.