Not all testimonials are made equal. Testimonials affirm our value to our clients, our colleagues, and our business community. They reflect our expertise, and they make us proud.  It is said that you are known by the company you keep — that includes our partners, employees, co-workers, and you, our clients.


"NASA's Training Academy is a learning organization that serves project practitioners by providing products and services that manage risk, maximize human capital, develop high performance teams and promote mission success.

Palatine Group is one of a very short list of truly valued consulting/training companies whom I have come to rely on heavily. Usually, companies will hire a consulting firm to tell them what they need to do to change, to grow, to compete. But I think many companies already have the answers - they just don't know it because they're buried. That's why Palatine Group has such tremendous value. They don't pretend to think for you, or tell you how to build your business. But they will help you decide what kind of training your people need, so that you can build and strategize for yourselves. When it comes to experience, quality, professionalism and leadership training -- Management Worlds outperforms the best.

Larry Suda and Management Worlds have been a valuable resource to me for the past 13 years. Larry possesses a unique combination of analytic and communications skills and specializes in those difficult to get at, soft issues of people and teams within the corporate environment. Larry has never failed to leave a lasting impact on the organizations he has engaged with. Larry provides results."

- Dr. Edward Hoffman, Director, Program and Project Management (APPL) NASA

Electronic Arts

"I wanted to take the opportunity to mention how impressive the Palatine Group Simulation Lab experience has been for the team. I’ve received feedback from each of the project managers, and it consistently goes in the same direction: outstanding. I believe that the main reason for this success is not just the content or the software itself, but the great facilitator, Mike Katagiri – and all of the evaluation sheets reflect this.  The way Mike conducted each session, and particularly the real examples he put on the table based on his own experiences, were really appreciated by the team, who kept asking for more and more.  Simply: they really loved the simulation experience.  I would say that we have a problem moving forward, because now this will be the reference setting the bar for any other training to come  — and the team is hard to please. And finally, working in teams was valuable in that it allowed them to know their similar weaknesses and strengths, as they worked towards overcoming these as a team.  Looking forward to working with you very soon!"

 - Andrés Díez | Manager PM/EA


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BAE Systems

"I found Palatine Group's simulations to be an excellent training tool on project leadership. Training came up quickly for me. Like everyone, I'm neck deep in projects but my manager asked if I could attend the course, and it turned out to be the best simulation I have seen. Larry Suda was professional and approachable. This training laid good groundwork for anyone seeking to take on a project leadership role. At a minimum, it let us experience firsthand the challenges a project leader faces in these days of tight budgets, lean work forces, and fast schedules."

- Tim Sorg, Product Development Engineer

General Motors University

"I went through all of the surveys and evaluations that were sent to me and correlated them to the template that GM uses, to check accuracy and to capture all of the comments. The overall score of 4.98 for Palatine Group's PLE simulation was without question the highest score that I have ever seen for a large training class! Simply phenomenal. Great job, Palatine."

- John Duke, Director




"I lead Celestica's PMI Program Management Office, as well as being the senior technical program manager in our Global Design Center. I am responsible for coaching the program managers at Celestica with PMI process tools, advanced educational information, and any new methodology for project success. Palatine's PLE simulation gave me more confidence to monitor my project management programs, with better decision-making and project planning. I believe that this training experience with simulations will help me adapt to complex changes in a more professional manner. I intend to apply this tool to all complex projects in the organization including IT, design & engineering and business operations. It enhanced my skill to adapt to complex changes, and make effective decisions at the right time."

- Andrew K. Ho

Hewlett Packard

"Thank you all for the great course. While it was challenging to do in a virtual classroom, it was one of the best courses I have taken at HP. While this type of project management is somewhat foreign to most of the people in this class, there were so many good things to learn. I appreciate your flexibility and adaptability to working with our tools and our teams. It was very wise to have the course broken into two two-day sessions. While that may not be practical for a classroom course, it did work well for a virtual classroom course. Thank you for all the work you did to make this happen. Excellent work to all of you!"

- Douglas Mercer, DSS,GSC-Americas

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Merck Pharmaceuticals

"I've worked with Palatine Group for almost 10 years and their leadership and project management simulation workshops are a key part of our Leadership Development Program in North America, Europe and Africa. The simulations are always rated at the top of the evaluation scores and we consider them as highly effective tools in our program and project management curricula."

Catherine Hayser, Training Manager

Accenture (HR Outsourcing)

"Palatine Group's Project Leadership Experience is not only a great simulation but I have had quite a bit of project management training and I thought that in terms of education of project managers, Palatine Group is clearly in a class by itself. The simulation workshop that we ran for our clients takes a very holistic picture of what is going on in the project environment, meaning people, customers, resources, etc. What I really like about this whole project approach is that there is an understanding of leadership and project management, and that project management is more than a mechanical process, like moving things around on spreadsheets, or tracking things, but that it depends on visible and invisible factors, like 'are people going down the wrong way,' or, 'is there consistency here.' The Palatine simulation really delivers these visible and invisible factors and demonstrates that a very even, methodical and consistent approach is necessary to manage projects, and that you really have to work with these factors to succeed."

John Tangney, Partner, Accenture (HR Outsourcing)



US Navy Labs

"Management World's simulation is an excellent and effective tool to help team members interact and build skills toward their goals and strategies."

- M. Caperton Hubbard, Department of the Navy


"Palatine Group's Global Project Leadership Workshop was a great team experience for me and improved my knowledge of managing our global teams here at IBM. I was part of a multinational team in the simulation. I particularly enjoyed the pre-workshop prep work and exercises, which enabled our team to do so well in the simulation and achieve our desired results. The program's learning design was great; the simulation was very realistic; and the workshop overall made me think about some things that I have not considered before. Working with the planning activities sections of the simulation helped our team to later achieve our overall objectives for the simulated project. Our team stayed long after the workshop ended to think about how to apply the skills and strengths we learned back in our organizations. I think this speaks for itself about the quality of the workshop. I use these new skills in managing my current team and I am already seeing benefits from some of the tools, such as how to work with people that have different styles of managing, the importance of communicating with my employees on a regular basis, or how much risk is acceptable. I found these to be bold new skills. I was extremely enthusiastic about the workshop and I have recommended it to my colleagues at IBM."

- Hannah Gernega, Service Manager, IT Development


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Bank of America

"Running Palatine's project simulation helped me look at my projects at a much higher level than I have before because it provided tactical views of all the moving parts of a project (risk, resources, schedules, costs, etc.) plus practical application experiences that you do not usually get in a classroom setting. From a cultural learning standpoint, I work in IT infrastructure service delivery in the Latin America region, where time is often viewed differently than it is viewed within our culture. For example, when running projects, Americans might schedule meetings and tasks back-to-back. In a more relationship-oriented culture, the same tasks are accomplished-but not in the same rhythm. In Palatine's workshop setting, teaming up with people from other cultures helped me practice working with these differences, and allowed me to think through questions, like "what will I need to do differently than what I am used to when working with global project teams?"

- Sally Deering, Senior Vice President NCG Service Delivery Management