A business simulation is the most powerful way to equip learners when real change is needed. The task of leadership, after all, is how to obtain extraordinary results from your people. Exemplary organizations such as NASA, GE, HP and BAE Systems use Palatine’s highly charged Project Leadership Experience simulation-based workshops to help turn their managers into leaders. 

Our award winning Project Leadership Experience simulation is rated as one of the top programs of its kind, and our Agile and Adaptive Project Leadership simulations are quickly becoming the workshop of choice for our clients.  The simulations are played in small management teams as participants learn strategies for continuous development through a combination of rapid team learning techniques, interactive presentations, group discussions, self-reflection, feedback exercises and personal coaching. These interventions expose them to all the major issues faced by project managers and project leaders in their daily work — balancing cost, schedule, quality, while interfacing with stakeholders and managing crisis events. 

A good project simulation provides a powerful and positive context for applying both individual and collective learning principles. Participants are transported into a virtual learning space and immersed into a real life-like project where they have the opportunity to maximize active and enjoyable involvement in the learning process. They generate an appropriate level of creative, emotional tension and are encouraged to explore, conceptualize, inquire, and experiment while they critically analyze all project variables simultaneously. Organized into teams of project leaders, participants become an agent of their own learning, shifting the traditional classroom into a “project learning laboratory.”