Dimensions of the Project Leader 360°

Palatine Group partnered with the UNDP to design and develop Teamworks, a web-based, globally integrated social networking platform that enables users, both internal and external to the UN system, to connect and share knowledge by linking country, regional and headquarters offices in over 166 countries.  As part of the work, our talented film crew traveled to Tanzania and did a series of films for the country office on sustainable agriculture, including the closing night film for the MDG Summit. 


UNDP Kilimo Kwanza

Throughout Africa, we hear the same voices of people wanting empowerment to build better lives and to end hunger and food insecurity.

Bioenergy: America’s Energy Future 

Achieving the critical contributions needed from modern bioenergy call for political and individual will.  A short documentary film for President Obama’s energy team exploring a range of bioenergy pathways and how they can fit into a low-carbon future.  A short documentary for Palatine's client, the Department of Energy. 


Palatine Group acquired Green Focus Films and Local Film and Video in 2017 to broaden it's global reach in the Impact investing community as part of the initiatives and ventures designed to achieve financial returns in addition to positive economic, social and environmental impact. “We expect more leaders in corporations to leverage their companies' resources and competitive advantages through impact investing. Our new media venture includes an online video collaboration platform and app launching in 2019 for building projects that can change the world — one neighborhood at a time. 

Hyperlocalization of Architecture

A deeper pattern is emerging where the most innovative buildings are a response to place. Two writers explore the intertwining of site, people and environment.