Palatine Group's project and program management solutions provide powerful contexts for applying both individual and collective learning and offer the opportunity to maximize active involvement in the learning process.  Participants generate creative, emotional tension that encourages them to explore, conceptualize, inquire, experiment and critically analyze project and business situations. Taking a competency-based approach to professional development, Palatine seeks to combine professional skills and knowledge with context. To that end, making smart choices about method (design of learning experiences) and modality (where and how the learner participates) remain paramount. Building on a successful 30-year history of collaborative, immersive, scenario-driven workshops, Palatine delivers customizable learning techniques that come in many forms: courses, games and simulations, certification and assessment, tools and resources, performance goals monitoring and measurement and on-the-job support. Such models are flexible to allow for learning that includes virtual and classroom-based experiences, and incite learning in an engaging, meaningful and supported way.  

As a study from our friends at Duke CE concludes: “Thinking, reflection and interaction cannot be codified.  The context of a problem provides the opportunity to grapple and engage with others to arrive at a solution.”